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VIADEI German Shepherd

We offer the FINEST German Shepherd in North America.

We bring to you the most beautiful German Shepherd experience in North America.

Our puppies come from the Greatest German Bloodlines.

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Where to begin… from start to finish, Franz has been exceptional throughout the entire process of getting our beautiful, amazing,wonderful puppy Balto. Nothing is scarier then trusting someone with the adding of a family member, especially in another country and trusting the word and pedigree and buying a puppy unmet and unseen. Franz answered all the billion questions i had, has always been extremely friendly and has even sent us many photos and videos along the way while we anxiously awaited the arrival of our puppy. The entire flight process was documented for us, even his bath before the flight to his new forever home. Truly wonderful people and equally wonderful pups.
Definitely recommend him and his pups!! Thanks again for our amazing Balto!

—Chanelle Furlong, Balto
Temoignages sur Viadei

To my mother and my father, who thanks to their wisdom nourished this flame in me.

To my wife, who agreed to share me with my dogs…

To my children, who help me with the puppies and give them birth names while waiting for them to have their real life name.

To my brother and partner Johann Bayard, who accompanies me every day…

To my sister Anouk van Opstal, who believed in me from the start. Without you, all the other support I received would not have existed.

To all those who supported me in this canine passion, here we are!